PolyMage Synth

A NI Reaktor Synth by Jason Cooper - Mega 16 Voice Virtual Analog Poly Synth with Vintage Voice Modeling and Extensive Modulation Capabilities. Three filter/amp routing models, including one inspired by the DSI Poly Evolver. Eight different filter models inspired by classic OB, Moog, Sequential, Korg and Roland filters. Four seperate variations of tri-core VA oscillators, plus supersaw and single cycle wavetable scanning. Linear FM and Filter Modulation. Extensive effects selection with custom designed stereo synth effects. Extensive user interface visual feedback to view individual oscillator waveshaping, summing, filter motion and gain staging / saturation. Four envelopes, four LFOs, and an eight slot mod matrix, with separate, dedicated effects mod matrix and lfos.

PolyMage Synthesizer Preview

Advanced Mod Matrix System inspired by Moog One:

Oscillator Core Programming: